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Dedicated to helping people live healthier, 

happier, more satisfying lives.

We are built for movement – our bodies, and our minds.

But in modern life we often experience the opposite – sitting all day at work, spending hours behind the wheel of a car, or sitting in front of the tv or computer.

Sometimes the mental exhaustion of life drains any physical energy we might have to exercise.

And sometimes it’s the lack of direction, mental roadblocks, or times we get stuck – in our career, our relationships, goals, or life. All this gets compounded when we have physical or mental injuries / limitations. But we are at our best when learning, progressing, and growing in life.

My goal is to use movement (physical / mental) to help others live healthier, happier, more satisfying lives!

Areas of Focus


Functional Movement

Moving our bodies thru varied end ranges of motion that translate into sport or everyday life.


Combines movement, breathing and meditation

Deep Stretching

Great for yoga enthusiasts, athletes who want to improve mobility, and everyday people want to be less stiff!



Connecting with the moment and your experience. Allowing this moment to be exactly as it is, allowing yourself to be exactly as you are. Using the breath to connect with the body, and influence nervous the system.


Using the breath to connect with the body, and influence the nervous system.


Personal Growth

Learning, progressing, growing in life all involves neuroplasticity - rewiring the brain.

For the purpose of - overcoming inertia, finding direction, getting unstuck, facing unresolved issues or any life transformation.

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